SIM cards for agriculture

Why is a SIM card needed in agriculture?

Agriculture is not excluded from digitalisation either. Smart farming, digital farming or Agriculture 4.0 are terms for the advancing digitalisation in agriculture. Digital technologies are already being used on many farms or agricultural enterprises. Through real-time data transmission and the use of smart sensors, processes can be made even more resource-friendly, animal-friendly and efficient. For the farmer, digitalisation also represents a physical relief. The use of SIM cards in agriculture is therefore increasing rapidly.


The sparing use of resources is a significant advantage. The use of different technologies makes it possible, among other things, to optimise irrigation or to use fertiliser or crop protection in a targeted manner in order to protect the environment. For some time now, agriculture has been using M2M communication with GPS-controlled tractors, seed drills, drones and other devices. By entering coordinates, fields and meadows can be worked more efficiently and in a more targeted manner.

Our datamobile SIM cards are also used for tracking animals. Data on the whereabouts of livestock in high alpine areas, weight gain, body and organ function such as body temperature or the drinking and eating behaviour of animals are transmitted completely automatically. With the help of this data, it is possible for the farmer to significantly improve animal husbandry and to query the current status of the data at any time. But the animals also benefit from the advancing digitalisation in this industry. Sensors make it possible, for example, to analyse the temperature and humidity in the barn.

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