SIM cards for Health Care

How can SIM cards be used in the health sector?

The use of M2M communication brings numerous advantages in the healthcare sector, which is why this technology is also being used more and more in this area. The areas of application are very diverse.


Operating theatre instruments and monitoring machines equipped with SIM cards, for example, not only send data on the organ and body functions of the patients to a control centre. In this way, the equipment manufacturers also continuously receive up-to-date data on the equipment's function. Maintenance work on the equipment can thus be planned and carried out in good time, which also saves any repair costs that may be incurred.

ECG devices in ambulances can transmit information on blood pressure, pulse or blood glucose levels to the nearest hospital while the patient is still on the road. Doctors and nursing staff thus benefit from quick and easy access to patient data.

In addition, patients can be located and cared for more quickly in an emergency if they wear a tracking bracelet equipped with a SIM card, for example. Alzheimer's patients can thus be found as quickly as possible. In an emergency, sick and elderly people can send an emergency signal simply by pressing a button.

Various apps represent another area of application. M2M communication should make it easier to treat widespread diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma. The patient is responsible for regularly checking his or her own values. The app automatically saves and transmits the data to the doctor concerned, who can adjust the treatment accordingly.

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