The SIM card for alarm systems from datamobile

Why is a SIM card needed for alarm systems?

Alarm systems and other hazard detection devices naturally provide the best protection if a message is also automatically sent to the responsible emergency call centre in the event of danger. This requires SIM cards specially made for alarm systems.

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Requirements for a SIM card for alarm systems

To ensure that the relevant control centres are reliably contacted in the event of a break-in, SIM cards for alarm systems must meet certain requirements. On the one hand, these are the highest possible security standards. SIM cards for alarm systems must provide the most stable and secure connection on the market. For this, several national as well as international providers should be available so that the SIM card of the alarm system can always automatically connect to the strongest network.

Our datamobile SIM cards for alarm systems naturally meet these requirements 100%.

Differences between a SIM card for alarm systems and conventional mobile phone SIM cards

SIM cards for alarm systems are specially made SIM cards. They are activated for a large number of network providers and can quickly change providers if necessary. In addition, other tariffs and billing models are available for SIM cards for alarm systems. You can find out more about the options at datamobile here.

Why your company should use our sim cards for alarm systems

Our SIM cards for alarm systems function on the basis of the latest microcontroller technology. This includes extensive memory capabilities, blazing fast processor speeds and the highest security circuits.

Application areas of SIM cards for alarm systems

As the name suggests, SIM cards are used wherever alarm systems are needed. In most cases, these are single-family houses, flats, office complexes and cars.

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