SIM cards for e-scooters

Why do e-scooters need
SIM cards?

E-scooters are now present in many cities and are a flexible way to get around. With a smartphone app, the e-scooters can be easily used and paid for. To ensure that the scooters can be collected or found again, they are equipped with e-scooter SIM cards and located with the help of GPS. In the event of an emergency, an alarm notification can be sent. In addition, data on the distances travelled, the average driving speed or the accusativs are collected and forwarded to the provider thanks to the e-scooter SIM card.


Car sharing is also a new form of mobility that is increasingly being offered in cities. SIM cards and M2M technology are the key technology in car sharing. Data, such as the position, kilometre or tank level, is continuously transmitted to the provider.

M2M SIM cards in the mobility sector

With M2M communication, you can bring your customers safely to their destinations. Micro-mobility and e-mobility benefit from the automatic connection of SIM cards to the best network available in the area and seamless network coverage. This means you know at all times when and where your vehicles are on the road. With our datamobile online tool, you also have full control over all your SIM cards.

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