Vehicle Telematics

M2M SIM cards in vehicle telematics

Vehicle telematics is becoming increasingly popular among mobility experts and enthusiasts. Technologies for sending, receiving and storing information will soon be available in all vehicles. Displaying free parking spaces in the city centre while driving or having e-mails read out via the on-board computer. This is possible with SIM cards in the field of vehicle telematics.


Communication and control is just a fraction of the many possibilities offered by seamless connectivity. Intelligent fuel location/allocation, real-time data communication, location notification/release and theft response, wireless safety and hazard alerts and vehicle performance measurement are also part of the package. For example, the garage is informed about the current condition of the car. If a car is stolen, its location can be retrieved. If an accident occurs, the emergency services and the police are automatically notified. This has a number of advantages for the driver.

Fleet managers have also quickly recognised the potential of vehicle telematics. Fast, punctual and safe delivery is very important, especially in the transport of goods. SIM cards make it possible for all vehicles in a fleet to be in communication with the central control centre. From there, they can be monitored and controlled. Data such as the location, the speed or the temperature in the cargo hold are permanently transmitted. This makes it possible to react quickly to problems.

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