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An M2M SIM card or an IoT SIM card is a SIM card that enables the connection between machines or devices. It can also be used to connect a device (e.g. a level sensor) to an API (e.g. a computer programme for monitoring levels).

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datamobile M2M SIM cards for all requirements

Our M2M SIM cards are SIM cards in all formats (1FF, 2FF, 3FF, 4FF, MFF2), which are characterised above all by the fact that they are equipped with the latest microcontroller technology. Thus, they not only enable extensive memory options and lightning-fast processor speeds, but also guarantee the highest security circuits at the same time. In addition, our M2M SIM cards impress with a stable connection and superior bandwidth.

How the datamobile M2M SIM cards work

There are three basic requirements for M2M communication:

  • A machine or device that collects data and later transmits it to a second machine/device.
  • A communication network (similar to a mobile phone network) that enables the transmission of data between the machines/devices.
  • A receiving device that receives the data.

If these conditions are met, the SIM card connects to the strongest available network in the area, providing stable connectivity.

Difference to a mobile phone SIM card

Companies often use conventional mobile phone SIM cards instead of M2M SIM cards. However, important quality requirements are lost in the process. This is because standard SIM cards are suitable for other areas of application than M2M SIM cards. Thanks to M2M SIM cards, quality factors such as security, reliability, accessibility, redundancy and network availability can be guaranteed. Therefore, it makes sense to rely on M2M and IoT SIM technologies.

Advantages of our M2M SIM cards

That's why 10,000 companies are already using our SIM cards.


Everything from a single source.

  • Worldwide mobile service for data, SMS and voice
  • simple pricing scheme
  • Pay per use / can be cancelled monthly


Top priority.

  • state-of-the-art technology in all available networks (1G/2G/3G/4G/5G/LPWAN)
  • Highest security standards with multi-roaming function
  • Transparent & clear control of all your SIM cards in one portal or via our API


Always connected.

  • Best & most stable connectivity thanks to 99.92% global network coverage
  • Operating time in over 200 countries and regions
  • Automatic connection to the best available network (non-steered)


We take care of you.

  • Fast implementation by phone, mail, ticket and customer platform
  • smooth operation
  • Personal customer service, also 24/7

Do you want to convince yourself of our SIM cards for M2M sim cards? Order our free SIM card TEST KIT!

Over 10,000 customers are already using our SIM cards in a wide variety of ways. We are happy to provide you with our datamobile SIM cards free of charge for testing - so that you too can convince yourself of our advantages.

One for all: network security.

You only need one datamobile M2M SIM card for all network operators worldwide.

Reliability: Provider-independent

Multiple carrier profiles and roaming networks are available on every datamobile SIM card. If one network fails, your alarm SIM card will automatically register with the next best network across borders throughout the EU.

Online portal: Remote access

Via our online portal, you can track the data consumption of your alarm systems' SIM cards at any time and from anywhere. Network operator changes & updates are also possible without physically swapping SIM cards.

Individual production

All M2M SIM cards are individually manufactured for the needs of our customers.

All sizes

datamobile SIM cards are available in all formats.

  • Full-Size SIM (1FF)
  • Mini SIM (2FF/UICC)
  • Micro SIM (3FF/Mini UICC)
  • Nano SIM (4FF)
  • eSIM (eUICC)

All networks

Our SIM cards are equipped for all network technologies.

  • 3G: UMTS, HSxPA
  • 4G: LTE (NBIoT, LTEcatM)
  • 5G

Do you have any questions about our SIM cards or would you like to find out more? We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.