Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card


A game changer for the Internet of Things. It is the biggest development in GSM connectivity in recent years as it revolutionises the way SIM cards are connected around the world. It is part of a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card that allows you to store multiple mobile network operator (MNO) profiles and switch between them remotely.


eUICC is not a hardware concept, but a functional concept for managing SIM profiles. A conventional UICC, on the other hand, contains a single MNO profile that has 64KB or 128KB of memory. An eUICC can hold multiple profiles and requires a minimum memory of 512KB.

The MNO profiles are not locked on the SIM and instead of replacing the physical SIM itself, new profiles can be provided electronically.

It is important to have a plan for changing MNO profiles before you decide to use this feature. It is often expensive and difficult to integrate your service profile and associated rules and controls into a new MNO infrastructure.

The best way for M2M manufacturers to use this technology is to choose a multi-IMSI SIM card.

What is Multi-IMSI?

A Multi-IMSI SIM card is like an eUICC, only with multiple profiles already provided for you. Datamobile AG offers two profiles on its Multi-IMSI SIM cards: Green & Blue. The profiles change automatically when entering a country and remain on the same communication platform. This is the most effective way to take advantage of eUICC technology while being cost effective and hassle free.

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