SIM cards for tracking

What can be tracked with SIM cards?

The ability to locate objects at all times means control and security for businesses. Tracking cars, trucks, parcels, people, animals works anytime, anywhere thanks to the best and most stable connectivity.


M2M communication in tracking

Whether you want to track people, animals or things. With our tracking SIM cards, there are numerous possibilities open to you. Because pretty much everything can be tracked, not just the postal package that is sent. In addition to the position, GPS-enabled SIM cards also allow you to track how long an object has been in one place.

The tracking of parcels has long since penetrated other areas. For example, it is used in theft protection, car rental or even for tracking people. Especially for Alzheimer's or dementia patients, tracking bracelets are being used more and more often. For relatives and those affected themselves, wristbands with tracking SIM cards can be a great help.

Tracking pets is also very popular. Tracking SIM cards are used here to forward the whereabouts information to the smartphone. In addition to the location, the entire position history can be analysed or the pet's activity and health data can be viewed.

SIM cards for tracking are also an essential part of public transport. Buses, for example, are tracked to update waiting times on electronic information boards at bus stops.

What our customers say:

The fleets I am responsible for are entirely in the US. There is no doubt, price was the most important factor for us when we chose DM. But we would not have chosen them on price alone, without a good service. Our devices and services are not just about tracking - they are also about control. This makes us special. So the reliability and security of connectivity is bedrock to us. Datamobile fits perfectly into our use case.

Andrea L.

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