SIM cards for smart metering

Why are SIM cards needed in smart metering?

The ability to draw real-time consumption data in fractions of a second adds a new level of efficiency to production. M2M technology enables meticulous data analysis and control. Better data allows companies to automate processes for better results and identify maintenance needs before problems occur. Multiple connectivity to all networks in the area and transparent 1KB billing make our datamobile SIM card the unbeatable measurement king for heavy industry.


Smart metering is the computer-based measurement, determination and control of energy consumption and supply. The meters for water, gas or electricity are called smart meters. Thanks to the integrated smart metering SIM cards, consumption information is delivered to the network operator at regular intervals. In Austria, mechanical electricity meters are now being replaced with digital ones in many households. By 2023, about 95 % of all customers should be equipped with a smart meter. The basic benefit of smart metering is that users can see at what time they have consumed what amount of energy. The digital meters ensure consumption transparency as well as secure data transmission. They can also contribute to a more sustainable use of resources.

Nowadays, a large part of electricity generation is decentralised with wind power, hydropower or photovoltaic plants. The availability of these plants is highly dependent on the weather and is not very predictable or controllable. Smart meters are a great help here. Through daily consumption measurement, better forecasts of electricity consumption or demand can be made. In this way, it is possible to maintain the security of supply for electricity at a high level and to economically integrate the energy into the grid through photovoltaic systems or wind power.

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