Security Technology

How can SIM cards further improve security technology?

While countless factors play a role in security technology, systems are still only as strong as their weakest link. Even with a superior, interconnected security system, a single connection creates a single point of failure. Datamobile AG enables each device within a security system to have its own secure connection, eliminating the single point of failure and providing superior redundancy by connecting to multiple providers.


The use of SIM cards in security technology makes it possible to continuously monitor unwanted events in buildings and send messages if necessary. Our SIM cards always access the best available mobile network. This ensures that information is transmitted regardless of location.

An important field of application for SIM cards in security technology is the remote maintenance of buildings. Numerous devices, such as heaters, air conditioners or surveillance cameras can also be controlled and monitored remotely. In emergencies (fire, burglary, accidents, etc.), the rapid transmission of information enables a quick response and automatic contact with the emergency services.

What our customers say:

For us connectivity, and most importantly, reliable connectivity, is fundamental. When we started even though DM was not the cheapest they were the best service to price tradeoff. The reactivity and speed is simply amazing. I communicate with them using whatsapp and email and have my reply almost immediately. They can fix it, address it, or send it within minutes. No one else could or would do that I know of.

Lawrence H.

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