Frequently Asked Questions

Interesting facts about our SIM cards

The Internet of Things describes the networking and automation of technical devices. This is referred to as the future of all devices, automation. (e.g. smart watches, smart refrigerators, smart traffic lights, ...)

The Internet of Things therefore aims to make objects intelligent and enable them to exchange information via the Internet. Ultimately, the real and virtual worlds will merge.

Since 99% of our customers need the SIM cards for a specific project, we do not offer fixed rates. The costs are individual and based on the needs and areas of application of the respective customer.

EU guide price (incl. UK) in pooling

  • One contact for your contract
  • Multi-roaming (national/international)
  • No contractual obligation
  • Support - online platform or API, secure access from the first SIM card
  • Basic fee included

€ 0.50 for 10 MB / month (EU-wide, all providers)

With our three clear pricing models, you can always keep an eye on your costs.


By paying a selected amount of money in advance, your SIM cards are topped up with corresponding credit.


You will receive a monthly invoice for subsequent payment of the data consumed.


With pooling, an agreed monthly quota (= data pool) is shared with all active SIM cards. If one card consumes more data than another, this balances out. This pricing model thus offers you more security and does not incur any additional costs.

For companies in Germany and Austria

  • 1000 MB data volume
  • 500 SMS
  • € 27.00 annually or € 2.50 monthly

For companies in Switzerland

  • 1000 MB data volume
  • 500 SMS
  • € 85.00 annually or € 7.30 monthly
All prices are subject to the statutory VAT of the respective country.

Yes, so that you can see our SIM cards for yourself, we will be happy to provide you with a free test kit. This usually contains 1-2 SIM cards (more if required) with enough data volume for your project. Registering for the test kit is easy via our chat bot Data. After you have answered a few initial questions, we will contact you personally to provide you with the SIM cards that are right for you.

I would like to test the SIM cards.

Do you have any questions about our SIM cards or would you like to find out more? We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.