DATENKARTE.m2m Smart Meter Special

Smart Meter Tarif
March 8, 2016

DATENKARTE.m2m Smart Meter Special brings you one of the strongest products on the machine-2-machine market including multiple advantages, like customized M2M solutions for all lines of business.
The user-friendly online portal gives all customers access to permanent control of assets, vehicles or machines. Datamobile’s portfolio is very extensive and meets your requirements individually.
„When tomorrow’s potentials want to be utilized, the conditions must be set today“,  so says Gerald Wirtl, datamobile founder & CEO.

Datamobile AG is a pioneer of the M2M technology, the custom-fit solutions are sophisticated and take over various segments of the daily life.
Whether in vehicle or personal tracking, security & monitoring technology, heating systems, health care, production & automation or the fleet management, the application fields for M2M increase rapidly and go way beyond of Smart Metering.
M2M enables access to modern and effective data management.

The almost unlimited possibilities of M2M communication result from the fact that nearly all machines can be connected among each other. The wireless data transfer provides cost-effective new communication channels to moving machines.
Hardware available as SIM, Micro-SIM, Industrial SIM or QFN8-Module (Embedded SIM).